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5 Prepping Tips For Your Next IT Online Interview

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

When interviewing for an IT position online, prepare to be asked more about critical and highly specific technical questions regarding your education, skills, languages, certifications, and various tools you are expert in. This is in addition to standard interview questions you can expect during a typical job interview.

Therefore, preparing for an IT interview online is very important because this can be very challenging even if you are not doing the interview face to face. You will not only be required to answer standard interview questions (your background, interest in the position, etc.) but you will also have to prepare for the technical segment of the interview.

Practical Tips To Get Through Your IT Interview With Flying Colors

1. Prepping in advance

The best strategy for an online IT interview is to prepare in advance. Try practicing your answers to some common interview questions that are usually asked during these occasions. You can also research the company you are applying at so you can have an idea about their style of work, product, and challenges the company is facing.

2. Be straightforward about your skills

Being honest about your skills and knowledge in the IT sector will help you become more confident answering questions about your background. Taking wild guesses when answering interview questions you don’t know will only make you sound and feel insecure.

3. Direct the conversation

During the interview, try to guide the conversation to focus more on your strengths and what you can bring to the company. Every IT organization is always on the lookout for a multitalented application who can provide a breath of fresh air and fill in the knowledge gap within the organization.

Every IT organization is on the lookout for a multitalented applicant, who can provide a breath of fresh air and fill in the knowledge gap within the organization.

4. Don't forget your soft skills

Soft skills may refer to your verbal and written communication skills, leadership skills and or analytical thinking. This is very much appreciated in today’s workforce because this type of skill can help facilitate human connections.

5. Be enthusiastic

No matter how nervous you are about the interview, always show your enthusiasm even during difficult questions. Your interviewer will see you as confident and positive and more likely choose to engage you. You can ask about training programs or inquire about professional IT certification to show you have the passion for learning and advancement.

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